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You may feel your loved one is the only one in the world who needs a special care for his or her condition. 


You can be assured as far as we are concerned, he or she will receive care so they feel like they are the only one in the world. 


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The winners of the HomeCare Elite Award are proving that a heightened focus on clinical outcomes, patient experience, and financial management leads to success.

The Patient Satisfaction Award of Distinction is presented annually to home health organizations subscribed to Fazzi's Patient Satisfaction Service that have demonstrated superior performance in overall patient satisfaction results. These national best practice agencies are proven leaders and have placed in the top 25% of Fazzi's patient satisfaction national database based on a comparative analysis of overall satisfaction

The Kinder Approach:

When Genuine Caring Meets Professional Know How


We are a lot different. And that means a lot more...

Home health care requires experienced and specially trained professionals.  We have that.  And we also have a model of care defined by best practices in the field. Yet that alone is not how we are different.  You see, we believe…and we seek every day…heartfelt ways to be kinder. Day by day, with every patient, no matter how complex or simple the medical issue at hand, we simply have found …






Your care is centered around your goals 

Healing at home requires a measured plan of action to keep everyone on course as we achieve the goals set forth by your physician.  It sounds easy enough to agree and understand a plan is needed, yet the important question is “how do I know what should go into a carefully crafted treatment plan?” 


Get the right answers

Your world and your loved one’s world have been transformed by your loved one’s current medical condition.  His or her home environment, which was once a safe and secure place to live independently, now has become a day-to-day challenge.  How can someone help you begin to approach the overwhelming myriad of needs for

  • activities

  • participation

  • personal factors

  • environmental factors.


We have learned if you ask the right questions, you will get the right answers, and it is these answers we use to make effective treatment plans. 


Knowing how to prioritze

Now that we understand the plan is formulated by asking the right questions, the next step is to determine where the challenges for the patient exist. In this step we deploy skilled nurses and therapists to conduct thorough needs assessments to determine where improvements can be made to achieve the outcomes we want.  What is important at this stage is to understand what changes will make the most important impact.  


Accomplishing a treatment plan by knowing what works...
and what doesn't work

Now that we have asked the right questions and conducted thorough needs assessments, the team of professionals is ready to create the right treatment plan.  We have learned a comprehensive treatment plan will keep everyone on course to achieve the right outcomes. 


Abraham Lincoln is reported to have said, “If I had 60 minutes to cut down a tree, I would spend 40 minutes sharpening the ax and 20 minutes cutting it down.”  We agree with that line of reasoning.  The assessments are critical to creating the right plan, because we know specifically through research the more than 180 issues that are critical to success. 


Teamwork means success

We also know it takes a team to be successful, and that team includes:

  • the physician

  • our professionals – nurses, therapists and aides

  • along with the patient, his/her caregiver and family. 

Each member of the team shares responsibility and makes a contribution for a portion of the treatment plan. 


We know the score so you know the progress

We know we can only change what we can measure, so that becomes a critical element of our approach.  Unless we measure something we do not know if it is getting better or worse. We cannot plan for improvement if we do not measure to determine what is getting better and what is not. The success of the treatment plan ultimately is based on measuring what needs to be improved as revealed in the needs assessment.   


Each plan is unique and each patient will progress through his/her plan by measuring one success after another, prioritized by safety.  Each accomplishment is celebrated and shared with the team as we make progress toward the ultimate goal of remaining safely at home with quality of life.


Let's open a conversation

We hope this information about how we approach caring is helpful, and we also know you may feel your loved one is the only one in the world who needs care for his or her condition.  You can be assured as far as we are concerned, he or she is. 


Our legacy of care

Kinder Hearts was founded right here in Abilene in 2002 with a vision to provide exceptional care for patients.  Our agency has grown and thrived by seeking staff that would hold steadfastly to the Kinder Hearts mission:


"Our mission is to excel at achieving essential care in the patient’s home that is so exceptional the patient is able to remain safely at home to heal or age in place."


Guided by Executive Director, Travis Jones, PT, DPT, staff are accountable for using moments of truth to bring life changing service for our patients, and that tells you what they believe about the care they provide for you.  It is that distinction, and their caring approach, that makes Kinder Hearts the fastest growing agency in the Big Country.  In addition to home health services for adults, Kinder Hearts also provides hospice care and pediatric home health in the same caring tradition.


Why we believe it's better to be kinder

Our staff has spent years earning college degrees or specialized education, gaining experience, qualifying for professional licenses and using proven models of care.  We are proud of our professional credentials, yet we believe professional treatment, no matter how medically effective it is, falls short of our expectations for you if we fail to explain the way we care. We believe it’s better to be better at medical care … and…it's better to be kinder.


You have a choice

When your physician decides your treatment plan includes skilled care provided in your home because you are homebound - which means you leave home infrequently because it is a difficult and taxing effort for you - he or she will give you a choice of which agency to provide your care.  


We hope you will choose Kinder Hearts because our thoughtful care is based on a systematic method to achieve the needs required to keep you safely at home and out of the hospital.


You likely can afford our care

It is very likely you can afford our care.  Skilled nursing needs in your home are usually covered by Medicare, private insurance or by the individual.  If you have concerns about insurance coverage, just let us know.  We can help you determine if the services you require are covered by Medicare or other insurance.  Our staff handles many of the insurance requirements and billing procedures, so it is one less thing for you to worry about.  We accept:

  • Medicare

  • Medicare Advantage

  • Medicaid

  • Private pay

  • And most private insurances.

Let us answer your questions

If you have any questions or concerns about home health care, or whether home health is right for you or your loved one, please contact us today at (325)672-6135 or toll free at (866)778-5778.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or if you need additional information regarding our services, please feel free to email us: 


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